MoE Thomas

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The Perfect You

The Perfect You

Mixed Media

50" x 46" x 2"



The Perfect You (Detail)

Born Into It

Born In To It

Mixed Media

40" x 33" x 8"



Artist’s Statement


My work is both a known and relative unknown in my life. I use varied materials to more or less explain a deep seeded feeling or to simply make a beautiful composition. When asked to explain my work, I hesitate because of the personal nature, but feel that the emotions and feelings they can illicit are common to us all, alienation, lust, sadness, curiosity, and love to name a few. I do not make a piece with the intention of an exact meaning per se, rather the process itself is a means to an My thoughts on my art and perspective are ever evolving, and with this growth comes the excitement of self discovery, and a physical manifestation of imagination that a" blueprint" simply cannot give me. I have long felt that each of my worxx were once made as they are but were disconnected and spread across the decay, to sit alone, to rest, and to long for an ultimate closure or reunion, and I have brought them back together, whole, nearly the same, with peace. It’s a metaphor for each of our lives, our relationships and memories, our minds taking things apart, longing for their return, it is to be Human.



2004  B.A. in Film, San Francisco State


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2012   Basement Gallery, Oakland


Selected Group Exhibitions


2013  Classic Cars West Gallery. Oakland

Struggle for Perspective, The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco

 Everything Was, The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco

Basement Gallery, Oakland

Flying Pig, San Francisco

Old Crow Gallery, STAND TALL, Oakland

Classic Cars West Gallery, Oakland

 Pobrecito Gallery, San Francisco

Guang Fu Studios, Taipei

Hsu Zhang Gallery, Taipei



S. Wentz Collection, San Francisco

J. Gabbert Collection, San Francisco

S.Jaswa Collection, San Francisco


2013    Interview, by Al Cosio

2011    Sick of the Radio