Sorry Entertainer

Sorry Entertainer

The McLoughlin Gallery is pleased to present Sorry Entertainer, a solo exhibition of Oakland based artist Daniel Healey.



                                                On View January 9th - Feburary 15th, 2014


The McLoughlin Gallery’s newest solo exhibition displays abstract collage/paintings of dynamic illusionistic spaces created by the artist utilizing scotch tape and pulling transfers of the ink from found photography. The results are vividly unique surfaces that investigate several different sources for abstraction and provide a canonical response to experimental painting. The nature of his process and dedication to such a slow and arduous procedure of deconstructing photographs with this transfer method, reconfiguring them into abstractions, displays another way of viewing perspective while suggesting micro-cubist planes of seeing.


Through his layering of tape, these image transfers seemingly construct an implied mode of painting with fragmented brushstrokes and almost semi-representational spaces, creating the effect of traditional painterly expression. By deconstructing found images, Healey is able to reconstruct these fragmentations of images into an abstract space, creating his own painterly impressions through this unique transfer method. The use of both the canvas and the highly glossed tape surfaces help suggest a painting, each acting as a quintessential aspect of the art.


Sorry Entertainer is in reference to Daniel Johnston’s iconic song, which both apologizes on the artist’s behalf and further describes the loner of the artist himself. Healey’s appropriation of the title typifies these abstractions as images meant to isolate and allow the viewer to visualize, providing images that produce multiple interpretations. Within this isolation is a reminder of the need to reconnect with the work through one’s personal experience and relativity to the piece. By eliminating the viewer's ability to recognize the objects being transferred (clothing, household appliances, nature, and figures) manages to push and pull at the very nature of object associated context. His titles often lead the viewer into multifaceted word play scenarios that help accentuate the subject or evacuate it further, creating tension between different forms of media; either as serious content or for mere entertainment. Through abstraction, Healey's work manages to create absurdist gestures and seriously invites the viewer to observe and analyze their own discourse, and in doing so creates disjointed conversation and associations of their own.