Organic Fusion

The McLoughlin Gallery is pleased to present Organic Fusion, a solo exhibition of Christopher H. Martin.  

Works on view March 6 – 29, 2014



The newest series by Christopher H. Martin presents his singular awareness of what it means to be a master of one’s medium. Throughout his twenty-year relationship with acrylic paint, Martin has developed and continuously honed his technique. Organic Fusion aptly describes Martin’s motivations with his paintings—not only in the gradual process of perpetually perfecting his craft, but also in his subject matter. Finding nature as the inspiration for all artistic endeavors, Martin’s works are organic with a graceful painterly influence.  His works capture the natural poetic harmony as if made by the environment and not by the hands of man.


Reverse glass painting, or verre églomisé, is the process of painting on the backside of glass. “I start with a clear acrylic panel and apply heat, wind, water, brush, and pigment in a reverse order to create my paintings”, Martin explains. “I work from the foreground to the background, the initial strokes being the most imperative.”  It is a complex and unforgiving process, which Martin executes with grace and skilled mastery. His work is, in his words, Organic Expressionism.


“Martin’s gestural paintings evoke the passions and persistence of nature”, says newly appointed gallery director Johhny Sampson, “Sometimes wild with ecstasy, at other times subdued and meditative, his acrylic on acrylic works tug at both the primal and the refined aspects of the human psyche”. In his newest series, Martin elevates his evolutionary yet signature practice of reverse painting to new heights.  Drawing upon natural phenomena and landscapes for inspiration, Martin captures the drama and serenity of the natural world and explores the depths of it’s spirit--fossilized wood, polished agates, petrified oceans, and frozen sunsets all can be interpreted from his acrylic canvases.