Hal Buckner: Process and Progress

The McLoughlin Gallery presents Hal Buckner: Process and Progress

Works on view October 2 – November 15, 2014


San Francisco, CA (August 6, 2014)— The McLoughlin Gallery presents Hal Buckner: Process and Progress, a solo exhibition featuring a survey of works of the Neo-Figurative Abstract Pop artist Hal Buckner. The exhibition will be on view from October 2 until November 15, 2014.


Process and Progress explores the breadth of master draughtsman Hal Buckner’s sensual, sculptural drawings.  Each work is an exploration into the complexities of the female figure, drawing inspiration from such disparate sources as fashion, the Old and Modern Masters, runway models, and the female nude.


Evidence of Hampton-based artist Hal Buckner’s associations and friendships with Modern luminaries such as Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, and Larry Rivers can be seen in the incredible caliber of his process. Working from life, Buckner draws his models first, reducing and re-working the drawing until it captures the form perfectly. He then transfers the curves of his finished drawings onto aluminum to cut with a hand-held jigsaw and burnish or paint in his signature minimal palette of black or red.


From da Vinci to Matisse, Rodin to Rauschenberg, Buckner creates his tribute pieces with delicate sensuality and provocative humor.  Yet all of Buckner’s works involve a simplicity of line to intimate the suggestive power of the female form.  Although his works defy definition, challenging the boundaries of painting, sculpture, and architecture, each piece is fundamentally a drawing.  “Buckner’s works abstract the female form into its essential components of line and shadow”, remarks Gallerist Joan McLoughlin, “yet the simplicity and respect reflected in the treatment of his subjects captures both their sensuality and their dignity”.