Fallout: Two Person Exhibition with Sofia Cordova and Charlie Leese


The McLoughlin Gallery presents Fallout, a two artist exhibition with Sofia Córdova and Charlie Leese organized by Katya Min and Marcella Faustini Nov. 5 - Dec 12, 2015.


Fallout brings together two separate bodies of work that intersect through the lens of aftermath and reordering. Both artists' deploy their personal interpretations and reactions to the systematic nature of existing power dynamics and their attendant struggles. These observations are used to put forth visual propositions for what is within, what can be rendered apparent and what is left behind as the result from the tensions created by these systems.


In artist Sofia Córdova's ongoing project The Kingdom Is Me, the world as we know it has passed and the survivors have amassed images of that which no longer exists, to be shared amongst each other as both divination and representation of the time before and of the last "civilization" to straddle a dying planet. Córdova's series of images are almost entirely redacted by the black paint in the form of current world governments' erasures in publicly released documents. What remains in the images are fragments representing moments and figures out of time, revealing a narrative which can only be inferred from the aggregate of the altered works.


The installation is conceived as a vessel for envisioning "the future as a platform for rebuilding" -- above a mire of the brackish water that, after rising, has swallowed people, cities and landmasses and left survivors on the margins, alive and wholly different from us. For this iteration, the project will exist as a site specific piece with the addition of oversized pigment prints to the installation.  READ MORE