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      Longnose Butteryfly Fish


      Regal Angelfish

Jerome Lucani    La Peau de la Mer

April 24th – May 30


Artist Reception Friday, April 24   6 - 8pm




La Peau de la Mer is a new and intriguing exhibition that explores how art is present in nature and, subsequently, can be a form of inspiration to us all. Lucani, born in Marseille, has a penchant for revealing the narrative hidden underneath the artistic moment, and has not held back on his subliminal messages in his new pieces. The artist is aware of the destruction of biodiversity, and has chosen to use beauty as a means to transcend language, and communicate how contemporary society takes advantage of the beauty in nature around us. The entire exhibition has been particularly influenced by coral reef life, and each piece will be named after the living thing that it is envisioned on.