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The McLoughlin Gallery presents The Most Famous Artist: You Can Do This Too, a unique solo exhibition featuring the artists flowers series: more than 900 paintings ranging in size from 5x7 inches, to 6x6 feet. Gallerist Joan McLoughlin states: "As a means of creating an art experience while demystifying art we are organizing a popup in the gallery featuring Matty Mo's work along with a live painting session, an innovative effort in making art more accessible to new collectors.” The exhibition will be open to the public on Friday December 12 2014, exclusively for two nights only.


The entire show is priced to sell out: the artwork has been discounted from market driven prices to provide accessibility to new and aspiring fine art collectors. Gallerist Joan McLoughlin believes that this series will serve as a grand inflection point in the artists young career. The McLoughlin Gallery is proud to provide this incredible opportunity for collectors to get into the game that The Most Famous Artist is playing.


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