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Art Business

Alan Bamberger on Deconstructing Hollywood in ArtBusiness.  Read Article

The Examiner

The Examiner. Painter John Waguespack Takes Apart Tinseltown. Read article.

Bay Area Reporter

Bay Area Reporter: What's Up in the Galleries at the Year's End.  The McLoughlin Gallery Deconstructing Hollywood: John Waguespack spent a summer in the Southland... Read more

John Waguespack Deconstructs Hollywood

John Waguespack Deconstructs Hollywood in ArtweekLA by Craig Stephens.  Painter John Waguespack is the consummate outsider artist.  A former ad agency creative director, he hasn't looked back since opting out of his day job to pursue a full time painting career.  Read entire article

Bay Times REAF

Bay Times Education Program with Use The News Program: Through These Eyes. 

I entered the Through These Eyes exhibit not knowing exactly where I was going to be sent, or what I would be taking pictures of. Read More

Christy Lee Rogers Top 100 Finalists

Christy Lee Rogers in Top 100 Finalists of One Life Photography Competition.  Read more.


ArtLtd Review

ArtLtd Review: Mitchell Confer: “kōr sam-pels” at The McLoughlin Gallery. Core samples are cylindrical drill... Read entire article

Art Business Review


Mitch Confer's Kor Sampels exhibition reviewed by Neal Strickberger.  In this substantial body of new work, Mitch Confer uses his traditional art-making techniques in more abstract and regulated ways, creating this art while at the same time battling stage 4 melanoma.... Read More.


"Mitchell Confer: Reflecting on life through his art." by Linda Hubbard Gulker InMenlo

When artist Mitchell Confer was diagnosed with cancer, he says his world flattened out and changed. But his altered perceptions, including an increased spirituality, led him to his latest endeavor: totem pole like structures that he calls “kōr sam-pəls”.....Read article

New Times

Weight and whimsy

The California Sculpture Slam gets weird and wonderful at the SLOMA



A stone tongue curls lecherously toward the ceiling. A bulbous, alien mass suckles a pristine white cube. A binky dangles uselessly from a silver-plated gas mask.  There’s no common theme to the 64 works in the California Sculpture Slam, a juried exhibit currently on view at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art; there’s just a general presiding absurdity. The Slam, juried by Charles Arnoldi, is the product of an affiliation between the CentralCoast Sculptors and the museum and represents the efforts of 45 sculptors throughout the state..... Read article


Sculptor Douglas Thielscher takes Biblical inspiration for many of his stone creations. Pictured is Babble by .








SF Weekly

SF Weekly, "Notes and Photos from an Extended S.F. Art Crawl"

Evan Wilson, who goes by ESK, has his first city show in McLoughlin Gallery's smaller space, Expose Gallery.
In "Layers," ESK paints on transparent panels arranged in asymmetrical formations in different plains of
relief. Imagine graffiti stained glass. Props to McLoughlin's Expose Gallery, in 49 Geary, for giving, um, 
exposure to street-art-inspired work, and that of an emerging artist, in one of San Francisco's toniest venues. 


Evan Wilson, aka ESK in Expose gallery at McLoughlin Gallery.jpg

Expressive Flow and Layers review in Art Business

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FIRST THURSDAY - 08.04.11 - Part I

The McLoughlin Gallery: Expressive Flow - Patter Hellstrom; Layers - Evan Wilson aka ESK.

Review by RWM: Bright colors frozen in motion and abstraction. Wonderful and accessible. These

artworks meander their way into your consciousness.


Comment by AB: In the side gallery, urban goes 3-D at the hands of Evan Wilson aka ESK.

Patter Hellstrom artist art

Art by Patter Hellstrom at The McLoughlin Gallery.


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Interview with Brian Banmiller, CBS National Radio News (2)

"Embracing Change" story ran on CBS National Radio News' "Banmiller on Business" program.  July 2011

Click here to hear podcast

Interview with Brian Banmiller, CBS National Radio News


"Re-usable Art" story on CBS National Radio News' "Banmiller on Business" program.  July 2011

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MyEyeInTheSky by Jason Lahman

Patter Hellstrom’s Sublime Choreographies of the Centered Self

“Expressive Flow” is the title of Patter Hellstrom‘s upcoming exhibition of remarkable abstract paintings opening at The McLoughlin Gallery on August 4. The title is apt as it conveys  the psychological and oceanic quality of the works . Although at first sight one might be reminded of certain abstract expressionists (particularly Helen Frankenthaler), repeated viewings reveal an entirely original sensibility. 

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New Guard 7x7 July Issue


New Guard...



Front Cover: Factory Fresh by John Waguespack

Art Business

Wondering how much your art is worth?

Read the full article

Mercury News

Cassidy: Silicon Valley reinvention isn't what it used to be

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Palo Alto Weekly

Menlo woman opens new art gallery

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Menlo Park Almanac

Menlo Park woman fulfills dream to open art gallery in San Francisco

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Opening Reception for the Artist John Waguespack at The McLoughlin Gallery

Friday, December 3, 2010 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

John's work will be shown December 3 - December 31, 2010

John Waguespack Solo Exhibition at The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco

Media Release
For Immediate Release
John Waguespack Solo Exhibition at The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco

"RECONSTRUCTION" Examines Current Events and Pop Culture Through an Abstract, Surreal Lens

SAN FRANCISCO, December 1st, 2010 - John Waguespack, is showcasing his latest exhibit at The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco December 3-31, 2010. "RECONSTRUCTION" will be his first solo exhibition and...

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Deconstruct Reconstruct: The Art of John Waguespack

Our conversation meandered. We spoke about his journey from finance to graphic design and then to painting. We spoke about the "big break" - getting a solo exhibition at a fine art gallery without the requisite CV - no group exhibitions, no art awards, no articles in prestigious art journals, no work in prominent private or public collections...

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View John's work

The McLoughlin Gallery Presents "Warmth is Movement" by Jan Peter Van Opheusden Exhibiting Movement and Emotion Using Color.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 31, 2011 - Jan Peter Van Opheusden is showcasing his latest work at The McLoughlin Gallery at 49 Geary Street in San Francisco, located just off Union Square...

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View Jan's work 


Joan McLoughlin: Gallerist makes a choice to give back

From emergency room nurse to gallery owner may seem an unlikely journey. But a middle stint with a string of successful medical device startups and then surviving cancer helps fill in the blanks. Last October, Menlo Park resident Joan McLouglin fulfilled a long-time dream and opened up The McLouglin Gallery in San Francisco...

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McLoughlin, John Pence, Chandler, CA Institute of Integral Studies, Electric Works, DA Arts, 111 Min

Review by RWM: Significant collection and variety of sculpture. Some defy explanation or protest. Others will amaze with their unusual forms and physical characteristics. And then there are those that magically capture emotion.

No Fooling, We Mean It! - McLoughlin Gallery

No Fooling, We Mean It!" at The McLoughlin Gallery is a show that is simultaneously playful and serious. The cavernous space of the gallery plays host to several large-scale works by sculptors David MiddlebrookJeff Schomberg and Doug Thielscher. Each of the sculptors has a different focus, Schomberg on metal, Thielscher on stone, and Middlebrook on mixed materials. But all three present very serious well-constructed and polished piece ("no fooling") with a sense of humor and fun ("fooling"). Additionally, all three are local artists, working and residing in the extended Bay Area.

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ArtLtd - May/June 2011 Review

"No Fooling We Mean It!"
at The McLoughlin Gallery

It may be T.S. Eliot's cruelest month, but April always starts in good, silly humor, capering like a late-March lamb. "No Fooling We Mean It!," which opened April first, lives up to its ironic title: the idiosyncratic, witty sculptures of David Middlebrook, Jeff Schomberg and Doug Thielscher explore big philosophical and moral issues without falling into either giddy jokiness or its inverse, badly clothed good intentions.

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If You're Going to San Francisco...

With a thriving private gallery and museum scene, San Francisco is far more than the blossoming cousin of LA and New York. Two major art fairs in May, ArtpadSF and San Francisco Fine Art Fair (running May 19 - 22) serve as fitting testament to the city's increasing global significance for fine art. In operation less than a year, San Francisco's The McLoughlin Gallery, nestled inside the esteemed 49 Geary Street arts complex is one such private gallery destined to make a huge impact on the SF arts community...

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