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Art Ltd. Pulse Editorial - Viscosity Exhibition

7x7 Review of Christopher H. Martin Viscosity Exhibition

Best know for his bright hues and contrasting textures, Dallas based abstract painter Chrsitopher Martin comes to two year old McLoughlin Gallery this month in the solo exhibition "VISCOSITY". Martin, who has been wokring as an artist for more than two decades, uses loose brush strokes to lyrically represent the transference of energy from artist to canvas. Read More


Catsynth Review of Pia Maria Martin STILL Exhibition

Amar Chaudhary:  Today we look at STILL, a solo exhibition of video and animation works by Pia Maria Martin at The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco. It is the first US solo media exhibition for Martin, who hails from Stuttgart, Germany. Martin’s work involves elaborate stop-motion films assembled meticulously from countless photographs. Read Entire Review


Jeffrey Beauchamp Review in ArtLtd

Jeffrey Beauchamp She Misplaced my Hurricane Blueprints reviewed by DeWitt Cheng in ArtLtd.  Years ago, talented young painters were warned by wise, old teachers against "facility," against making handsome paintings without struggle; we who lack the handicap of virtuosity should cast a sympathetic eye, therefore, on teh beguiling, beautiful oils of Jeffrey Beauchamp.  Read Entire Article. 

Square Cylinder

David Roth, Square Cylinder, reviews David Middlebrook Exhibition.   Unsuspecting viewers could easily take sculptor David Middlebrook’s exhibit, Think Things, for the work of a surrealist-leaning naturalist.  Read Entire Article.


American Art Awards

Thom Bierdz, President American Art Awards, names The McLoughlin Gallery best gallery in California.  Read More


David Middlebrook Solo Exhibition Opens

David Middlebrook's Solo Exhibition Think Things opens April 5, 2012 at The McLoughlin Gallery.  Read Entire Article

Art Business Review

ArtBusiness Review for Everything Was exhibtion.  The McLoughlin Gallery journeys across The Bay to corral, import and exhibit three promising Oakland talents. I've gotta go with Daniel Healy who takes pieces of clear plastic tape (by the thousands), presses them over illustrations in mail order catalogs just long enough to remove surface ink, and then adheres them to canvases in labyrinthine abstract patterns. Read Entire Article


LG News

Los Gatos News Feb. 2012. Middleberook displays "Bamboozled" at SOMArt in San Francisco.


Mary Ann Cook reviews Middlebrook's work.  Bam Boozled:  Though retired from teaching, sculpture David Middlebrook is not resting on his laurels. He's busy acquiring new ones.  He's just wrapped up a show at SOMArt Cultural Center in San Francisco with his piece called Bam Boozled.   Read Entire Article

Art Enthusiast SF

Art Enthusiast SF, The McLoughlin Gallery, "Eveything Was" review.



No matter what year of creation, everything on Earth has a past.  Building up like layers, those years of amassed experiences, encounters , and memories influence and inform directions of future events. It is with this idea in mind that the body of artwork by artists ESK, MoE Thomas, and Daniel Healey in "Everything Was" at The McLoughlin Gallery were created. Read Entire Article

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