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Arnix in Recap of Art Basel Week in Miami



Arnix's work reviewed in Aesthetic Fraktur in a recap article of Art Basel Week. Congratulations to our newest artists!


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Cristobal Valecillos Spread in Art Tour International


Cristobal's imaginative cardboard creations have landed him a seven page spread in Art Tour International, one of the fastest growing art magazines worldwide. 



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Catsynth Blog Posting


Fastastic Review on CatSynth of Desire Obtain Cherish's Solo Exhibition #sideeffects


"For us at CatSynth, the summer is usually a time of intense musical focus, and this one more so than most. While I keep up with the visual arts as best I can during these periods, it often takes something strong and unusual to get my attention for these pages. #sideffects, the solo exhibition by Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) at McLoughlin Gallery, is one such show." -Amar Chaudhary


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Colin McRae Bank of America Exhibition at Concourse Gallery

Colin McRae's beautiful photographs of the San Francisco Bay Area Tidelands and Bear Valley snow landscapes are currently on view at Bank of America Building in the Concourse Gallery.

Ask Miss A

Recap: Desire Obtain Cherish Solo Exhibition #sideeffects At The McLoughlin Gallery In San Francisco

Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) is a LA-based artist that graduated from the Parson’s School of Design. In the 2000s, he emerged into the art scene as a street artist and since then he has been speaking out about desire, addiction, gender, celebrity, media, commerce and fame through his controversial yet engaging artwork. The artist’s name, Desire Obtain Cherish, comes from the idea that society influences us to constantly want, want and want. Once we obtain the object or person that we desire, we then want to love and cherish it. But, the wanting never stops and the cycle repeats. It is a never-ending cycle of desiring, then obtaining and cherishing. - See more at: http://askmissa.com/2013/07/15/recap-desire-obtain-cherish-solo-exhibition-sideeffects-at-the-mcloughlin-gallery/#sthash.mVHl2lgC.dpuf



Amazon Fine Art Launch

The McLoughlin Gallery is pleased to announce artwork now for sale through Amazon.com.


This is an exciting opportunity for The McLoughlin Gallery to expand our reach on a global scale!


The McLoughlin Gallery aspires to be on the cutting edge of art and technology. We are thrilled to be on the forefront of the new global online marketplace for fine art.


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Look Lateral Article


Enthu­si­asm is sky high, in San Fran­cisco, where on July 11th Desire Obtain Cher­ish landed with his works at The McLough­lin Gallery at num­ber 49 on Geary Street. Desire Obtain Cher­ish, the irrev­er­ent artist based in Los Ange­les, has his first solo show in San Fran­cisco.“There was an incred­i­ble flow of peo­ple” Joan tells us. A great sat­is­fac­tion for this gallery owner who loves artists that “cre­ate unique and stim­u­lat­ing works, that is to say works of art that make you think”. Art work that makes you think is also the gallery’s motto, con­ceived as a social hori­zon, a space that can “edu­cate” and “intrigue”. Really, what are you going to do with art if it doesn’t make you reflect or laugh, even bit­terly, about your­self, your vices, your obses­sion, about what you are and that maybe you don’t know you are?


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Chris Martin: Catch Me If You Can




The artist and gallerist just returned from participating in Personal Structures, Time, Space & Existence, a group exhibition in association with the 55th Venice Biennale at the Palazzo Bembo (through November 24) and a simultaneous fair at Scope Basel in Switzerland. The European circuit, though enviable, is no surprise, since this self-taught and successful artist continues to enjoy a nearly 20-year run in the art business.


Art Business DOC Review

The McLoughlin Gallery: Desire Obtain Cherish - #SideEffects.

Comment by AB: Desire Obtain Cherish basically appropriates everything from everywhere-- including artists' techniques, specific works of art, luxury brand names, material culture, sex, drugs, pop icons, and more-- and twists it all up as if to mock the very system that holds it all in such high esteem. The art is interspersed with zippy conversational anecdotes written directly onto the gallery walls that further point up the absurdities of so many of our judgements, life choices and methods of classification. It's kind of the same punchline over and over again, but well presented, entertaining, and clearly the consequence of great dedication and loads of hard work. Stop on by.



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Douglas Thielscher Wins State Fair Award of Merit and Valley Sculpture Artists Award

Congratulation to Doug Thielscher for his achievement at the California State Fair! 


Open to California artists aged 18 and over, the 2013 competition received more than 1,500 entries. The jury selected 180 artworks from this field to be exhibited and receive awards. 


Doug took home two awards for his piece Id. The Award of Merit from the fair, and an outside award from the Valley Sculpture Artists Award. 



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Artist Profile: David Middlebrook


Artist Profile: David Middlebrook by Cherie Louise Turner


Interview with Oakland Artist, MoE Thomas


Artist MoE Thomas greeted Oakland Art Enthusiast at the steps of his live/work space near the border of West Oakland. From the outside, the tall building with a subtle industrial feel feels like a transplant among all the older turn of the century, Victorian buildings nearby. Originally from the Mid-West, Thomas has just recently begun to devote more time to his practice, which has been a lifelong passion. “Sculpture has always appealed to me because it does not need to always give the illusion of a third dimension, it simply is. Why be limited with only pigment and surface? It is forceful and can scream at you, and at the same time the echo can eclipse the voice.”


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Interview With ESK And MoE Ahead Of The Struggle For Perspective Exhibition Opening At The McLoughlin Gallery


Evan Wilson, aka ESK, took an interest in art from a young age with a background in graffiti art. During his pursuit of a Bachelor of Art at theUniversity of California, Santa Cruz, ESK began to paint from a conceptualized perspective. His current work looks to convey the environment and world in which graffiti exists.


Moe Thomas, aka MoE, was educated in film but his interest in creating sculptures started after taking an introductory course. A fellow artist awakened his desire to express his feelings through art.


I sat down with both artists before their opening at The McLoughlin Galleryin downtown San Francisco.


Q: What inspires you to create art?

E: The complexity of existence. Art is a mean by which I can process the world and it acts as a mirror to reflect the world overall and my individual experiences. I try to keep a balance between being narcissistic and the real world experiences. It’s the little bright details that highlight the reality of being.


M: I am inspired, visually the actual connection and composition of everything around me. I am always on alert of what makes up my reality and hope to capture that “lightning in a bottle”, so to speak. The basis of my art is loss and longing – it’s an inspiration, a drive, and a means to an end. Also, music is a huge influence; in particular,The Mars Volta and Dvorak for this upcoming show.



Bay Area Reporter

SF Art Enthusiast


Cristobal Valecillos’ latest body of work on view in “An American Family” at McLoughlin Gallery was created out of the artist’s reflections upon the diversity within contemporary society, both the multiculuralism of its people and the disparity of socio-economic statuses. Closely observing new American family paradigms, its values and lifestyle, Valecillo’s portraits eruditely capture the fluctuating definitions of an American family’s backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. The models he uses to structure his at times amusing and always intriguing narratives are all second or third generation, real American families– in many ways inspirational figures of the at times convoluted immigration experience, which is one of the most unifying definitions of being American.

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Miss A


With a trademark editorial style and provocative narrative, Valecillos has been in the film industry for two decades, creating commercials and music videos. His past and present projects include working with  artists such asJustin BieberJennifer LopezBritney Spears, andMadonna. I was fortunate enough to sit down with the Venezuelan native, Los Angeles based artist amidst the hectic installation. Valecillos uses his film background to help him create emotions and feelings through the characters. “[In film] every second is 24 frames or 60 frames. With a picture, you have to tell a story within one frame.” Read More

Mina's Blog


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SF Weekly on American Family

Being home to the Cardboard Institute of Technology and a chapter of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League, San Francisco is no stranger to the beauty and versatility of pre-cycled paper products, but Venezuelan-born Cristóbal Valecillos really takes cardboard to a whole new level. During his last exhibit, the photographer, best known for video work with pop stars like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Madonna, set out to "satirize" a wealthy American family by dressing up models in gorgeous paper clothes inside an elegant cardboard room. The result was more high fashion than high art, but there was no denying the talent behind the camera (or the loveliness of that bolero jacket made from recycled Starbucks coffee sleeves).

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Artsy Forager

It is a special gift bestowed upon artists to take what is ugly and make it beautiful.  In his Recycle series, photographer Cristobal Valecillos uses every day materials to craft the fashions and sets he then photographs, so that what is often never looked twice upon becomes elevated to extraordinary. Read More

Sculpture Magazine


"a thingmaker who thinks"

Technical expertise and virtousic craftsmanship please (and fool) the eye; art history, political commentary, and absurdist humor please (and fool) the brain Read More

The Daily Vibe



The VIP Preview for Art Wynwood opened Thursday for special guests who got a chance to see unique artwork from more than 70 of the world's most presitgious art galleries. Models welcomed VIP guests dressed in Valentine's Day themed costumes made by fashion designer and artist Luis Valenzuela. Read More

Cartwheel Review of LA Art Show


For me the absolute stand out commentary work at the LA Art Show was Desire Obtain Cherish, Designer Pill Packs at The McLoughlin Gallery: Spot-on brutal commentary on the Business of Art, Designer Pill Packs state baldly that neither art nor consumer goods are a panacea for shallow weltschmerz or consumptive malaise


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Miss A Charity Meets Style



Upon venturing over to the modern and contemporary section of the show, I stepped into The McLoughlin Gallery (San Francisco), intrigued by the streamline installations of their featured works. One installation that captivated me in particular was the photography of multimedia artist Cristobal Valecillos. Cristobal creates environments made from re-used paper products, complete with model perfect figures costumed with high fashioned fibers which he proceeds to photograph, culminating in large format prints that verily catch and draw in the eye.


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Specs and Spaces

The Cardboard Life by Cristobal Valecillos

Using recycled materials, photographer Cristobal re-used these materials to construct luxury atmospheres. With a subtle wink to the message of consumerism, his use of metallic paper elevates the photography to a chic and glamorous series of portrait settings.


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Huffpost Arts and Culture



The absolute stand-out work at the L.A. Art Show was Desire Obtain Cherish's Designer Pill Packs at The McLoughlin Gallery. Spot-on brutal commentary on the business of art, Designer Pill Packs state baldly that neither art nor consumer goods are a panacea for shallow weltschmerz or consumptive malaise. 


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Modern Art Shines at the LA Art Show


The McLoughlin Gallery of San Francisco brought an assortment of celebrity and pop-culture inspired art pieces that attracted an array of international exhibit patrons. One piece by Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) entitled “Amy Fuck Never” was a photograph of Amy Winehouse created across 850 individually wrapped crack pipes. A similar piece by the same artist, an ode to Marilyn Monroe, was also on display. The piece presented Marilyn’s image on pill casings- a tribute to her eternal memory and death by overdose.


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SF Art Enthusiast

SF Art Enthusiast


Colin McRae, 'Silence' Exhibition at The McLoughlin Gallery


Photographer Colin McRae returns to McLoughlin Gallery after his previous exhibition in October 2011 of the San Francisco Bay tidelands. In this series of new work which comprises his gallery-wide solo exhibition Silence, McRae explores the High Sierra winterscapes through a variety of contrasting textures and abstractions. His medium- and large-scale black and white photography leans to the brink of abstraction, isolating features to the point it could be hard to tell what they are, if not for its definitive glacial formations. In some ways departing from his tidelands photograph composition, McRae employs in certain works a short depth of field, examining micro-landscapes within the larger hills and mountains. Read More


Art Busines.com

Art Business.com


Review of First Thursday Eterno Exhibition Featuring Doug Thielscher and Silvia Poloto


'Great to see the emotion pulled out of the stones by Doug Thielscher. There is pain here and the desire to escape it. Fists are clenched in agony and maybe also ecstasy. The stone takes on its own life in these sculptures which communicate the passion of existence.' 

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Fog City Journal 'Eterno' Exhibition Review


Joan McLoughlin, owner of The McLoughlin Gallery at 49 Geary, is making her mark in the San Francisco Art community. In just a couple of years Joan has managed to become one of the top gallery owners in San Francisco, in one of the most prominent gallery districts. With a combination of her strong business sense, her impeccable eye for art, and her welcoming and inviting attitude, Joan McLoughlin has proven to be unstoppable. Read More


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