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In cherished memory of an incredibly talented artist and a dear friend MoE Thomas who left us tragically early in the morning of March 21.
The McLoughlin Gallery is holding a memorial event on Saturday, March 28, 12-6pm. We welcome everyone who knew MoE or would like to get to know him through his friends and art. 
There will be a display of MoE’s remaining work to honor his memory and celebrate his life. 

Event page here

“I have long felt that each of my works were once made as they are but were disconnected and spread across the land to decay, to sit alone, to rest, and to long for an ultimate closure or reunion, and I have brought them back together, whole, nearly the same, with peace. It’s a metaphor for each of our lives, our relationships and memories, our minds taking things apart, longing for their return, it is to be Human.” – MoE Thomas

Photo credit: Internet