Pia Maria Martin

About the Artist

My aim is to set something in motion and let it run its course. Though I often profit by placing a situation into the most suitable light. I try to avoid losing touch with reality. My personal style is simply the result of what I am doing. Using the medium of film as a tool to instill life into the subjects, illustrates the state of mind and its movements. I understand the possibilities of this medium as the substance of the matter itself.

It is as if humanity has set up the situation then retreated to let it play out according to its own devices letting the inevitable happen, a bit like the fairies dancing in the garden. This can happen in several directions, sometimes according to human desires (ie. Kalakeittos), revitalizing the decay of nature (ie. Vivace II), revitalizing the dead (ie. Marche au Supplice), or transmitting fear (ie. Für Olga). In a sense, they are like one-scene plays that live out their unstoppable process, the idea of inevitability becoming a solid presence in itself through the lack of human presence.

Born 1974 in Altdorf, Germany
Lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany and Nice, France
Professor of Video and Moving Pictures at Villa Arson, École Nationale Supérieure d`Art Nice, France