Banksy X Clown Skateboards



Hand-Silkscreen print on 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple hardwood skateboard deck featuring the officially licensed ‘Gun Clown’ artwork by BANKSY.
31 3/4 × 8 in
80.6 × 20.3 cm

About the Art

In 2000 BANKSY was just about to explode after he, Jeff Boardman and Vikas Malik came together to create a street party to showcase his work for the very first time in London with the now legendary “Rivington Street Exhibition” and the release of the first little black book “Banging My Head Against A Brick Wall”.

After the show Jeff and Vikas – who had been looking to start their own brand that incorporated their worlds of Art, Music and Skateboarding – asked BANKSY to create the Clown logo and designs for the first 2 boards.

Clown was launched with a TEST PRESS series in August 2000 with an initial run of 20 of each board – all hand printed, produced to gauge interest with shops and our first team members. Just like dubplates in music we wanted to know which got the best feedback in order to go into full production for Christmas 2000. The monkeys bombed (go figure) but the logo was very well received – “if you change the colors”. So, our first full run were 100 black and red Clown logo boards. The Monkeys never got to see a full run and the blue and black logo board was put away.

This continuation of the TEST PRESS series will finish what we started in 2000, completing the run of 100 of each as we agreed to do with BANKSY. This will be the last time the logo board will run in this variation EVER. The original acetate will be used 20 years later to handprint this run making it officially exactly like before. After this run the screens and the acetate will be retired never to be used again – locked away forever in the Clown vault.

In celebration, Clown skateboards has released their new ‘Manifesto’ series decks based on Banksy’s original ‘Gun Clown’ officially licensed artwork. Released in 4 color variants, the series will be released in 3 batches over the course of 2 weeks.